Monday, April 21, 2008

IPL: FEAR, where is thy sting?

By John Cheeran
Show me a beautiful woman, and I can show you a man who is tired of fucking her.

When I watch and take in the hype around the inaugural Twenty20 Indian Premier League, I think of that line from a Hollywood movie, credited to a female.
I am quick to understand that Twenty20 is not cricket, and it is an entirely new game invented by the English and marketed by Shri Lalit Modi.
When One-day cricket and Day-night cricket came along, there were sceptics. They were honourably buried later. It was said that Fifty50 cricket was created by taking the rib bone from Test cricket. Now which bone has been taken from Fifty50 one-day cricket to invent the Twenty20? Biceps? or Solar Plexus?
Why there has been such amazing batting performances in the first few matches of the IPL?
The most important thing is that FEAR has been taken out of batting when you have only 20 overs and 10 wickets to play around with. This is grossly unfair to the other half of the game, which is bowling.
Who will not be afraid to swing his bat around when you know that even if a wicket falls every two overs, your Riders and Chargers and Devils can complete their innings in comfort.
To make the Twenty20 and IPL attractive and competitive, you have to quickly bring in the law which will limit batting for five wickets only. If you lose your fifth wicket, your innings is over. You can still have 11 players, but the best six batsmen can take to the batting crease, and choosing that six is captain's discretion.
The sooner the cricket world brings in this rule, better for the game.
Or else, the boys and girls will be getting tired very soon, watching this cut and thrust.


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emcees said...

Dear Cheriyan,

If the boys,girls,players and Ampires tired the Indian crikcet odience will not be tired. They will keep on watching whatever displayed infront of them.Because they always interested see someone fucking.

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