Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blogging Unconference on August 16 at Allappuzha

By John Cheeran
Do bloggers come out of their den and let sun shine on them?
Some of them, yes.
I have been informed that a group of bloggers in Kerala are organising the first Blogging Unconference event in Kerala called BlogCamp Kerala 2008 on August 16 at Allappuzha.
The event is hosted by the Kerala Tourism. BlogCamp Kerala 2008, claim its organisers Kenney Jacob and Anand Subramaniam, is the first BlogCamp in the world to be conducted in a Houseboat.
More information about the event is available at http://www.blogcampkerala.com.
Blogging is an activity that can take as much forms as the variety of individuals who are indulging them. There are hardly any rules, nay, even conventions, regarding blogging. India and Kerala are far from tech-evolved except for emailing and digging for porn.
Unlike the US, power to blogger in India is a distant dream.
Getting together in a way Blogging Unconference has planned might help. Though each blogger might be desperately seeking attention to himself/herself, there can be common ground among them.
Here is wishing all the best for Blogging Unconference.

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TheAnand said...

Hi, that will be Anand Subramanian :) not shivaraman!!!

thanks for the writeup though

John Cheeran at Blogged