Monday, April 29, 2013


By John Cheeran

On an average, every week two Malayalam films are being released in Kerala, taking the annual tally well past 100. The new found vigour in making films is welcome. But not so welcome are flaccid movies such as August Club, Since 1963, with a preening title that fundamentally has nothing to do with what the film tries to portray.

When a movie becomes many things to many people, it tanks at the box office. That’s what has happened in the case of August Club, which apparently has a pretentious, trite storyline, written by Ananthapadmanabhan, the son of celebrated Malayalam auteur P Padmarajan.

Although how many people watched is not the true measure of a film’s worth, the obverse could not be also held true. August Club, a young filmmaker’s first venture (K B Venu), suffers from what it wanted to tell and some amateurish acting, especially by Murali Gopi, who leaves little imprint on the movie.

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