Wednesday, August 08, 2007

M A Baby, majority and minority in Kerala

By John Cheeran
A few weeks ago Kerala’s current cultural czar and education minister M A Baby had made a brilliant statement on the minorities. Let me state that I belong to a minority community (Orthodox Christian) at first.
M A Baby said that minorities should not demand any benefits that are not enjoyed by the majority.
All right, Mr Baby. I agree.
But will you let the minorities in Kerala enjoy the benefits that are enjoyed by the majority in Kerala? I challenge Baby and his ignorant army of SFI, DYFI and CITUs to prove me wrong.
Does Mr Baby know that the Majority in Kerala are Hindus?
Does he know that the majority among the majority are OBCs and SCs and STs?
And the Ezhava community, the backbone of CPI (M) and the CPI in Kerala , belong to the Other Backward Commmunity and enjoy the fruits of reservation in educational institutions and public sector jobs? Are Ezhavas are worse off than Christians and Muslims in Kerala?
In India and Kerala, it’s the majority community (read aloud Hindus) who enjoy the state patronage.
And everyone knows that the OBCs and SCs and STs in the majority community are given the state patronage to ensure that they remain in the Hindu fold and do not embrace other religions.
It has been written that those who convert are not to be given the state reservation patronage.What benefits are Christians in Kerala, and in India, enjoying?
No jobs are reserved for them in government sector in India.
Kerala’s Muslims, as far as I know, come under the OBC category. So what’s comrade Baby talking about?
I’m surprised that Kerala’s media and even the Catholic Bishops did not take up the point with the Education Minister instead of raising the bogey of liberation struggle.
God save us from these Marxist babies.


emcees said...

John Cheeran, Your attempt is good.
But you should have learn more on this subject. Not only Mr.Baby but Mr.A.K.Antony and so many leaders having the same view. If you analyse benefit availed by the orgainzed minority groups from the tennure of verious governements with proper data you can convey more, may be you can be a better human being. Good Luck M.C.Aji, Bangalore

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

The problem lies within the minority for example when UDF was in Power the Church was publically accusing AK Antony and even asked followers to vote against them. Which mean in Kerala Politics to vote for LDF lead by CPI.

Now, these Church are accusing LDF and propogating against the LDF.

This is happening for the last 50 years. They know only to accuse and vote out the Congress. They are responsible for the very existance of CPI(M) in Kerala.

MA Baby is an Orthodox Christian, who are vey againt the Catholic Church.

In nut shell Catholic Church are digging there own grave. Now you have NUN issue.


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