Friday, March 14, 2008

Journalism with a human touch!

By John Cheeran

It is no secret that those who visit this blog knows that what an illiterate fellow this blogger is. Now wonder, then, that I find myself without a job these days. As an intelligent colleague used to remark "everyone gets what he/she deserves."

Be that as it may, do we deserve the Week magazine, as it is, from the celebrated Malayala Manorama Group?

I don't know. I recently picked up a copy of the Week, and was amused to see their new punchline for the weekly. "Journalism with a human touch."

Does that mean until now the Week was edited by a bunch of monkeys?

All of us are humans, so why so special about the "human touch"?

The Week has grown strong over the years, I presume. It can add more muscle to its pages with a little more thought.

May be they can try "Journalism with a humane touch."

Touching, indeed!

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zest said...

Good thinking Cheeran.I wish you'd write more on issues of public interest,with a "humane" touch.(You seem to love to write on Sports only, though.)
I always knew journalism to be public-spirited in outlook,and I guess it takes a few seasoned or weathered tabloid junkies like you to make a difference.Go for it.

John Cheeran at Blogged