Saturday, March 22, 2008

Price wars by the Hindu and the New Indian Express in Kerala!

By John Cheeran
Oh, I'm in Kochi, and I buy the Hindu newspaper.
The newspaper is priced at Rs 3.20 and I give the vendor a five-rupee note. He charges Rs 3.50 for the paper and explains that he has no change.

The next day I choose The New Indian Express. The paper is cheaper than the Hindu, and is priced at Rs 3.15. Again I end up paying Rs 3.50 for all the news and views.
I'm sure that both the Hindu and the New Indian Express managements are aware about this price devil and doing nothing about it.

At least change the listed cover price to Rs 3.50.

So that stray readers like me will not feel that we are being cheated by the news vendors. Editors cannot set the world right nor can they change the order of things in India, but they can change the price of their product to accepted levels.

Or will that be a tall order for them?


arun said...

Actually increasing price to 3.50 is not possible because if indian express hikes the price ppl might prefer hindu and vice versa. elasticity of demand - demand variation due to complement product.
Its like two vending machines with drinks.
I feel so.

Anonymous said...

Increasing price to 3.50 so that t buyer doesnt feel he or she is cheated.. is like solving t wrong problem :)

Why dont u point it out to t vendor with a sweet & cunning smile.. and pay him just Rs 3/- t next day for t hindu.. Losses can be brought down to 5 paise a day from t current stage of 30 paise a day!

he he!

~ Ben

sandeep said...

price going up to 3.50 can make a big difference to monthly subscribers ... isnt it? and monthly subscribers may form the majority of readers. bringing down the price to rs. 3.00 may again affect their profits. 3.15 or 3.20 may be the rite price for the newspaper ... or atleast thats what they think

Anonymous said...

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AbdulSamad Es said...

u r talking abt only one paper....
But what about those who are annual subscribers? They have to bear addithional amt,,ie 365*.30 -more than 100 rs....

John Cheeran at Blogged