Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On why Pakistan should beat India today in Asia Cup

By John Cheeran
This is the perfect opportunity for Pakistan to bounce back in the Asia Cup. Pakistan has already lost to Sri Lanka and India in the tournament, and losing to India should push the hosts into the sidelines of the tournament.
As is the fashion, when the team is losing all the squabbles take on a new meaning. Pakistan’s Australian coach Geoff Lawson lost his cool the other day when reporters told him that he cannot dictate terms to the media. Poor Lawson cannot control the affairs in the dressing room, and now Pakistani media was adding insult to defeats.
But it is such crisis that invigorates Pakistan and I will not be surprised if Pakistan seeks India’s help to maintain peace at their own turf, by winning today’s match.
India, despite skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni feeling the pressure of back-to-back matches, enjoys a good batting lineup though its bowling can go to pieces if any determined opposition decides to launch an attack.
So let’s come to the point. Who will win today’s India-Pakistan match?
Pakistan. So that fight and hate can go on.

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