Monday, February 15, 2010

My Name is Terror

By John Cheeran
The blast on Saturday night in Pune is a reminder of how inadequate our security system has become. We bemoan inept administration and policing every time lives are lost in the most inhuman manner possible much in the manner of one cursing another inexplicable loss by our national cricket team.
If a day goes without a terror attack in India, the credit should go to your luck. The government does little for you. It’s a government that failed to protect parliament and let militants take a rubber boat to Mumbai.
Terror in India will be combated only when we learn to appreciate the worth of life itself. For us, as long as terror happens in someone else’s backyard that is fine. Such smugness was shattered during the 26/11 attacks but things have been gone back to the square one.
A nation is silly indeed when media and a large chunk of literate society are agitated over the release of a rather inane movie of a rather inane actor. Let’s terror is a 24x7 reality. Vigilance does not end with the second show at midnight.
Instead of My Name is Khan, it’s time you said My Name is Terror. For an average Indian, there are not many choices left with. He has been browbeaten by improvised explosive devices as well as the incompetence of political leadership. Who wants to talk with Pakistan? Who wants to have Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League? Pakistan is a place you send your worst enemy on an all-paid vacation. It is important to love thy neighbour but there are times when you got to shut all your windows and doors when you have a dirty bastard living next to you.
For home minister P Chidambaram and external affairs minister SM Krishna, without any Punjabi baggage to carry around, taking hard decisions on Pakistan should have been easy. In south of India, no one cares if Pakistan gets deleted or not from the global map. But our political leadership still waffles in sentiments and, in turn, we get stabbed in Mumbai, Pune and elsewhere.
My name has been changed. My Name Is Terror.

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