Friday, February 09, 2007

Dravid, you are only another brick in Indian cricket wall

By John Cheeran
By batting for the inclusion of the beleaguered opener Virender Sehwag in the Cape Town Test XI, what captain Rahul Dravid tried to win was the support of senior members in the side.
A captain has the right to back his players, especially those guys, who he thinks can deliver the runs for the team.
It is quite another matter that Sehwag let Dravid down and the entire team. Now with juicy bits of the Chetan Desai’s South African report out in the media, it is strange to see Dravid barking up the wrong tree.
Desai had a job to do, and he did it.
Dravid is right to be incensed since the report was leaked, but his ire should be directed at the BCCI, his employers. But what has Dravid to say about his player’s intransigence?
Dravid misses the whole point in the controversy.
What happens within the India dressing room should end there most of the times. But the kind of instance that Desai has recorded when Sehwag refused to turn up for a practice session early in the morning when coach Greg Chappell and his support staff were waiting for him should have been brought up for a national debate much earlier. And to know that Sehwag had asked for that special nets session!
And in this case, I’m all for such inspired leaks.
It is important to Indian cricket that Indian team captain Dravid realizes that Sehwag, at his current state of mind, is useless to the side. Yes, Sehwag is on trial against the Sri Lankans.
Even chairman of selectors Dilip Vengsarkar, who played the experience card to bring in Ganguly, has spoken out against Sehwag.
Let me say this. I have given Indian captain Dravid unsolicited support through this web log. And I am pretty much aware that my blog does not make a difference to Dravid or Indian cricket.
But while Dravid is busy searching through the Indian cricket archives to find out the name of Chetan Desai, I want to tell him that he will not find my name either in those history books. And names of millions of Indian cricket fans like me.
It is important that Dravid realizes that it is those guys who were, and are, beyond the boundaries who have sustained the Indian cricket.
And you, Dravid, are only another brick in the Great Indian Wall.

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