Monday, February 05, 2007

Sreesanth gets support from MRF coach T.A. Sekar

By John Cheeran
Will India's young fast bowler S Sreesanth catch the World Cup bus?
Many have struck Sreesanth's name out from their list of 15, after watching the Wanderers Wonderboy getting hammered all over the place in the one-dayers against the West Indies.
Sreesanth, however, has got some support from his coach, T.A. Sekar, the chief coach at MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai.
Sekar sees a bright future for the Kerala boy.
Sekar says Sreesanth is India's match-winner. "He can get early wickets and that can put opponents on the back foot. He bowled badly in just two matches and people have started talking about his run rate. I don't think anybody in the Indian team has his wicket taking ability and strike rate. He is only 23 and has a bright future."
It is important that we realise that inconsistency from bowlers have become the norm in one-day cricket.
Sekar says that when Glenn McGrath goes for 73 runs in 10 overs none makes a fuss but poor Sreesanth is singled out for criticism.
Yes, there is a point in what Sekar says.
And after all, it is Sekar's dharma to defend his ward at his hour of distress.
Let's hope Sreesanth will gain his place in the World Cup team by his karma against the Sri Lankans.

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