Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bharath Gopi: Abhinayathinte Kodiyirangi

By John Cheeran
Abhinayathinte kodiyirangi.
When I think about Bharath Gopi (V. Gopinathan Nair) that scene from Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Kodiyettam sticks out.
Gopi and KPAC Lalitha walks down the road on a monsoon-drenched day with puddles all around. A car goes through splashing dirt onto Gopi’s shirt and mundu.
Had I been in Sankaran Kutty’s (Gopi’s character) shoes, I would have cursed the driver of the car, and if possible, would have broken the glass pane at the back of the car.
But we have Gopi exclaiming in wonder “What a speed.”
Those frames capture Gopi’s quintessence as an actor.
Gopi’s hallmark was that he donned ordinary roles without heroism but gave them an extraordinary touch of realism.
In other words, Gopi was closer to you and me in flesh and bone. We are ordinary men and women, mere straws in the wind. Gopi too was one among us, but he showed us that despite his lean frame, and balding scalp, he could be accepted as the symbol of manhood.
Gopi was fortunate, and fortune favours the brave, to have got such roles as he done in Yavanika, Rachana, Ormakayi and Swayamvaram.
And what a polished performance he has given as the Shakespeare Krishnapilla in Bharathan’s Kattathe Kilikoodu.
It has to be noted that Gopi enjoyed success as an actor, director, producer and writer.
Not many know that he had authored the book “AbhinyamAnubhavam” which won the award for the best book by the Central Government.
Gopi directed four films Njattadi, Yamanam, Utsavapittennu and Ente Hridyathinte Udama.
Gopi was born in 1937 in Chirayankizhu. He was awarded Padma Shri in 1991. Gopi was noted for his involvement in theatre group “Arangu” along with Kavalam Narayanapaniker before he entered the world of films.
Twenty years ago Gopi had suffered hemorrhage and that had curtailed his movements and involvement in films. Still he had won his many skirmishes to come back to act and react.
Gopi was renowned for his tough approach to life in general and it was not altogether surprising that he had drifted apart from Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the director who gave him opportunities during his formative years in movies.
Throughout the day, I was waiting for Adoor's tributes to this iconic actor.
But unfortunately such grace was missing.


Dhanush said...

Its a strange coincidence that I also have titled my post "Enthorru Sppeed". Thats the first memory of Gopi and Kodiyettom. Surely he will be missed


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