Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do you want to become a journalist? log on to Online Centre for Media Studies

By John Cheeran
Are journalism schools worth the hefty fees they charge?
Are you satisfied with the quality of Indian journalism? Would you like to communicate better with your colleagues?
Do you want to go beyond mere blogging?
Do you want to master the crafts of editing and reporting?
Well without leaving your desktop or laptop, now you can become a better editor or reporter. offers you the right kind of courses whether you are a student or professional of whatever background.
With a course that lasts only 12 weeks, Mr Sunil Saxena, the man behind the Online Centre for Media Studies, has ensured that what you learn is what you must.
You get all the meat, no bones.
With a course fee of Rs 15,000 one should point out that what offers is value for money.
India’s first and finest online journalism college could give shape to your ambitions of a news breaker and newsmaker.
Go, log on to now.

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