Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tendulkar on the rampage in Adelaide: And I cower!

By John Cheeran
Now that Sachin Tendulkar has hammered his 39th century at Adelaide my worry, along with thousands of other Indian cricket fans, is that whether India will lose this Test.
This is despite Anil Kumble winning the toss and batting first on a track that should favour spinners in the end game.
I remember what happened at Sydney -- India lost -- when Tendulkar murdered the Australian bowlers.
Tendulkar again was simply awesome on Thursday at Adelaide. He remains unbeaten on 124 at stumps on the first day with India posting 309.
There were many, including me, who had doubted whether an aging Tendulkar had lost that fizz in his Pepsi. Sydney indicated that he has not. And now Adelaide confirms it that Tendulkar has overcome nagging self-doubts to accumulate more and more runs. Whether India thrives in that progress is what remains to be seen in the coming four days.
But for India has done well mainly thanks to Tendulkar’s rollicking innings. More runs are to flow from the Master’s blade and let’s hope it will help the team at its hour of distress.

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Iby Thampy said...

Hi there,

Yes, the omens are not good for India, especially with the loss of Laxman late in the day. Facing the new ball tomorrow morning, and with only the tail for company (Dhoni hasn't distinguished himself from the tail so far this series), the chances are that India won't get too many.

But all is not lost. By picking 5 bowlers, India are going for the win, rather than playing safe for a draw, so we'll have to see how our bowlers perform on the Adelaide wicket. Either way, it's edge-of-your seat stuff, with each session being fought tooth and nail!

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