Thursday, January 18, 2007

Art of living and Ganguly

By John Cheeran
Another load of crap is here from Sourav Ganguly.
In an interview to Aaj Tak, a channel that wants to maximise its Bengali eyeballs, Ganguly has said that regaining the Indian team's captaincy is not a priority for him.
Aha, what a noble man he is!
And I wonder about the guy who posed the question to the former Indian cricket team captain.
Even if Ganguly is plotting for Indian captaincy, is he such a dude to admit it so?
Ganguly is no fool. He knows power equations have changed in the Indian cricket and with Sharad Pawar out there laying out the grand design, captaincy will not go back to Ganguly in his present incarnation at least.
So Ganguly should do well to concentrate on his place in the one-day team for now.
A sensible Ganguly says he just wants to concentrate on his game and win matches for his side at the moment. Ganguly said it was inappropriateto talk about a change of captaincy since World Cup was round the corner and Rahul Dravid needed the full backing from all quarters.
"I am not in the race for captainship, at least at the present time. I think we all should back Rahul and we should not even talk about these things when the World Cup is just two months away," Ganguly says.
"My mission is just to perform and be a part of the winning team. I will try and play well under pressure if I go to the World Cup, that is if I am included in the World Cup squad," he said.
Ganguly said he would like to regain his opening slot in batting order but would go with whatever the team decides. "It is for the team management to decide but if you see my record, I have played almost 250 matches as an opener. If they (team management) were to ask me I would like to open but as I said I am ready to play at any position for the country," he says.
A politically savvy Ganguly offered his take on South African tour. "We should have drawn the series at least but we lost it, but every member of the team is responsible for the same (for the defeat). It is not the captain or the coach alone."
Ah, this sort of art of living even Sri Sri Ravishankar could not have taught Ganguly.

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mahesh said...

John do you think Sehwag will get the Ganguly treatment, or will he make it to the team for the third ODI.

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