Thursday, January 04, 2007

Indian cricket team vs Sachar Committee

By John Cheeran
I consider getting into the Indian cricket team tougher than breaking the IIT admission code.
Chance plays only a very little part while you grapple with admission codes such as IIT, IIM and IAS.
But to get into the Indian team you have to battle chance as well as to prove your worth in full public glare. The scoreboard is important, not just your name.
So anyone who breaks into the Indian dressing room is a winner.
There may be protestations that even Indian cricket team is besmirched by the evil of quotas.
May be. But then again there is no proclaimed corrections of historical imbalances in the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The Indian constitution has not enshrined reservations for the underprivileged and untouchables of the society.
This is the age of making amends. This is the age to demand your share of the roti and dal commensurate with your headcount.
The bleeding hearts are thumping their chests as the Justice Sachar Committee Report has identified that Muslims have not got their share of roti and dal in the Great Indian kitchen. So Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wants Muslims to eat first at the Great Indian Kitchen and others wait for their turn to get famished.
Laudable move indeed.
But let me tell you this. If you want to eat, you have to sow and reap first.
You eat by the sweat of your brow. The same inhuman and miserable conditions that throw Muslims into dominate the Indian prison cells have also given more than their fair share in at least one sector. Sport.
In Indian society's that ultimate test conducted at a level playing field Muslims enjoy the highest success rate.
Yes, I'm talking about cracking the code to enter the Indian dressing room.
In the current Indian team there are Wasim Jaffer, Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel and Irfan Pathan. These guys often have been part of the Indian XI together. That gives Indian Muslims 36.36 per cent representation in the Indian cricket team. In fact going by the Sachar Committee Report they should only get 18 per cent opportunities since that's what their representation in the Indian population.
If you take the Indian XI that is playing in the final Test in Cape Town against South Africa, Indian Muslims have 27.27 per cent representation in the form of Jaffer, Zaheer and Munaf.
If what's happening in the most happening sector in Indian society is not a disclaimer on the so called inequalities against Muslims, what else is?
Jaffer, Zaheer, Munaf and Pathan have all won their place in the Indian side by their sheer dint of hard work.
A society that lets these youngsters realise their dreams and fulfill their potentials cannot be vindictive towards the core group whence they come.
I want to hold up the Indian cricket team list to Sachar Committee and those who hold SPCA-attitudes, to convince them that, India does offer a level playing field to Muslims as well as other sections of the society.
As fickle weather determines what happens on a cricket field, variables far and across India determine the gains and losses in fair representations.
And is there any delicious irony in converting those who swear by Koran to a bunch of supine who will swear by Indian state's quotas?
You decide.


Sasi Kumar said...

interesting reading

johncheeran said...

hi sasi,

spread the word around..and discuss the blog with your peer group..
thank you..

Anonymous said...

John it is really a good observation and is an article worth reading.
However,the conclusion seems to be skewed.
BCCI is one of the professionally managed organisation sans internal quibbles.
It is not only Zaheer, Waseem,Munaf and Irfan who are epitome of hardwork who have become successfull in the Indian cricket arena who have proved Sachar committe wrong.
The likes of Tendulkar,Dravid,Laxman,Dhoni,Harbhajan,Powar to name a few come from middle class families who have made it big.

Hence, its for the India Inc. to take note of Sachar report and emulate the same as BCCI .

John Cheeran at Blogged