Friday, January 26, 2007

Fratricide among Kerala Christians

By John Cheeran
Love your enemies. It is easy to say but tough to practise.
Your loved ones, however, can turn into your enemies. May be you can carry on loving them.
All this I write watching the fratricide that unfolds in Iraq where Shiite and Sunni Muslims are hacking each other to death.
Closer home in Kerala two Christian factions are up in arms against each other.
The Orthodox and Jacobite Syrian Christians, the disciples of the guru who preached to love your enemies, are fighting over a few brick and mortar churches.
It is a pity that faith cannot heal the wounds of the flesh.
It is awfully tragic that when you are preaching about heavenly kingdom you worry much about these finite quarters. Do the Orthodox and Jacobite believers consider they are setting examples to others in the society?
It all boils down to power. Power over the your sheep and stables.
Kerala Congress politicians might have more sense than our beloved metropolitans who struggle to live up to their Sunday sermons.
It is tough indeed to love your bishops.

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