Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kant, Moninder and Nithari Killings

Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made: Immanuel Kant
By John Cheeran
For us, the most chilling part about Nithari (Noida) killings is that someone like you and me masterminded such an enormity.
In an educated crowd you would not have figured out Moninder Singh Pandher could have done such reprehensible series of crimes.
Well, Pandher and his immediate family have challenged the allegations by saying that the accused is being framed by some others.
But reality remains that remains of 17 youngsters were dug up from Moninder’s residential premises. That should not have been part of this rich man’s antique collection, however deep his sense of geography might be.
What shocks us, at least me, is that how could a Stephanian contemplate, leave alone commit, such acts that insult life itself.
Nithari killings prove that being affluent, educated and intelligent do not necessarily make you a good human being.
Education does not set men and women free. It only help them further their designs.
I believe everyone is capable of at least one murder. That applies to me as well.
In fact scriptures and Gitas leave enough room for murders as retribution.
But a series of murder? There is no sanction for such brutalities.
And for commercial gains?
And for the pleasures of flesh?
Committed by someone like your father or brother?
Put next to Moninder, even Saddam Hussein begins to look like a saint.
Moninder’s deeds have hit the middle class Indian homes like a sledgehammer.
Now everyone has an unutterable question in his or her lips.
What skeletons are waiting to tumble out of our cupboards?
I console myself reading those lines by Immanuel Kant. Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made.
But even Kant would not have imagined how crooked Indian timbers could grow into.


Rohit said...

This timber I guess is best burnt

Tarun said...

A very well compiled article sir. It actually propells you more and more to think about the integrity of people that surround us. With such heinous acts of brutality, we can't blame people for being cynical. I wonder how many such cases are hidden behind the walls of obscurity.

Anonymous said...

it is sick and saddening but i think in india these things happen so often and many ppl dont even know much about it. SOmething seriously needs to be done about this brutality that spurs up in "humans".

John Cheeran at Blogged