Thursday, January 04, 2007

When Ganguly reads Joyce's Ulysses!

Editor's note: Here are some interesting observations from the running commentary at
Yes, of course, the subject is Sourav Ganguly...

That was a real beauty from Steyn and that's the wicket that South Africa needed so badly.
Laxman's wicket will ensure that India do not run away with things.
Now it's up to Tendulkar and Ganguly to forge a decent partnership and the pressure is on....
But first let us start forging the helmet which seems to be broken.
He's (Ganguly) rubbing the side of his temple now, looking in trouble and drinking some water.
What a time for this comment from Aditya Pendyala: "Surely, you don't score over 15000 international runs, average above 40 in both forms of the game and score 34 international hundreds - if you are SO weak against the a particular delivery. I think we should give this cricketing legend his due credit, and focus on his prowesses as well - his glorious drives, his gifted footwork and his cricketing elegance. Hoping to hear your views."
Any second thoughts Aditya?
Steyn to Ganguly, no run, short, crack, Ganguly has no idea of what to do with it, ducks awkwardly, takes it eyes off the ball, and takes a nasty blow on the side of his helmet, Steyn is breathing fire, Ganguly is struggling to breathe. Physio John Gloster jogs in with the magic spray.
Ganguly looks like a man who's just read one page from James Joyce's Ulysses (clueless)

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