Monday, December 04, 2006

Amitab Bachchan is no actor!

By John Cheeran
Here is something about Amitab Bachchan. Many consider Bollywood is the be and all of Indian cinema and Amitab the finest actor that India has produced.
Dissenting voices are very few.
During the just concluded Goa Film Festival the veteran moviemaker M.S. Sathyu made his observation about Bachchan. Sathyu bluntly says that Bachchan is no actor, an opinion that I fully endorse. “He is no actor. He is just a personality. The only movie worth mentioning about him is the Black. That little girl (Ayesha Kapur)gave a superb performance in Black. Bachchan has tried to act for the first time him in his movie career in Black. May be he is inspired by that little girl.”
Well said, Sathyu. Sathyu, apparently, can see much beyond the Bollywood and I’m not surprised that he has little time for Bachchan and his cronies in Mumbai.
In case anyone doubts whom did Sathyu tell about Bachchan, it was on the national channel, Doordarshan, a channel we prefer not to watch.


Anonymous said...

So what does that say for the rest of the actors in bollywood.

kals said...

Do u want to be famous by questioning the capabilities of famous folks.

Try u'r luck

timepass said...

Well, he's head and shoulders above Mammootty and other such pieces of crap.

tpraja said...

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