Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pakistan's anti-doping stunt exposed!

By John Cheeran
Pakistan has proved again that it is cloud cuckoo land.
The wonderful thing in Pakistan and the justice system (ah, inspired by Islam only) that country follows, however heinous a crime you commit, you can be pardoned by the victim or victims relatives.
Pakistan Cricket Board, which put up a stunt to get the applause of the global cricket watchers by banning their fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Asif Mohammad after they failed the dope tests prior to the Champions Trophy held in India, has revoked their decision one month later.
The reason for the PCB’s latest gyration?
Pakistan board says Akhtar and Asif had not taken the banned substance Nandrolone intentionally and were not aware that supplements they were using could be contaminated.
Ah, poor children. Poor Pakistani children.
They are so illiterate they don’t know what they are consuming. May be they knowingly eat only batsmen!
May be some envious djinns might have put the Nandrolone into the system of Pakistani fast bowlers while they were fast asleep.
It is time the International Cricket Council rapped on Pakistan’s knuckles. Pakistan Cricket Board has led from the front to make a mockery of the anti-doping measures set in place by WADA.
This is just not cricket.
But it is another proof of that rogue nation’s rogue methods.

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