Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Breakdancer Sreesanth enjoys breaking ICC rules!

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Indian pace ace S Sreesanth was fined 30 per cent of his match fee on Monday after being found guilty of two offences during the first Test win over South Africa.
Sreesanth was docked 20 per cent of his match fee for unsportsmanlike conduct after he ran towards Hashim Amla having dismissed the batsman in South Africa's second innings.
"We do not want robots out there but we do want players to control their emotions once they get on to the field because they have to realise they are role models for all those watching," said ICC match referee Roshan Mahanama in a statement.
"Sreesanth, by his actions, showed a lack of respect for the departing batsman and to his credit he acknowledged that by pleading guilty to the charge."
The Indian paceman was fined a further 10 per cent of his match fee for breaching the International Cricket Council's logo policy.
"Policy states that all garments worn under the playing shirt...must be plain white," the ICC said.
"Contrary to that instruction, Sreesanth wore a black garment under his shirt while batting and then later in the day...(his) white garment under his playing shirt displayed a commercial logo."
Mahanama added: "The fact that Sreesanth breached the policy not once but twice showed a lack of respect and although he once again pleaded guilty it was still appropriate he was fined for his actions."

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kickcheeranass said...

Sreesanth shook his posterior and then the sun came out. Maybe that's what caused all the problems.

John Cheeran at Blogged