Monday, December 04, 2006

Rich paupers: Indians in South Africa

By John Cheeran
The limitations of schooling was very much evident in India’s humiliation against South Africa in the one-day series. Coach Greg Chappell must have realized that how his contribution can be nullified if players do not live up to their job descriptions.
Players deserve to take credit when they do well; in defeat they need the support of the game’s followers. But players need to convince us that they belong where they are, that is, in Indian dressing room.
One-day series has exposed India’s weakness in both bowling and batting. In both departments we don’t have cricketers who can impose their will on the opposition.
We, unfortunately, do not have cricketers who can overcome the adverse playing conditions and snatch victories.
Where are our Justine Kemps? Where are our Andre Nels? The ferocity that a Nel brings to the wicket and mere enthusiasm that a Sreesanth can summon up are two different things.
It is not easy to surmount genetic imbalances. Post-partition India has always struggled to unleash tear away fast bowlers. We are a violent nation despite Buddha and Gandhi.
The violence that India, the nation, witnesses in its every day life is without any borders, without any rules.
To exhibit such violence when the rules come into operation is beyond Indians. Or else where are our fast bowlers who can cow down the opposition when they murmur about a mutiny.
Our bowlers can take wickets only when elements favour. They depend on wind, moisture and earthquakes that prise open the batting crease to take wickets. Our batsmen need the right level of bounce to play their shots. Our batsmen hate grass on the crease for they do not want to trample upon it. They abhor violence and are pleased only when spinners trundle in.
It is time we should invest in R and D to process a magic wand where by we can recreate dusty bowls wherever India plays.
22 yards of precious Indian earth so that Indian players never miss home.

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