Saturday, April 07, 2007

BCCI Press Release on Chappell

India's under-performing World Cup cricketers came under fire from former captains who have recommended that players should obtain permission from the board before entering into endorsement contracts.
"A copy of the endorsement contract should be submitted to the BCCI (cricket board) in order to ensure that there is no clause therein relating to performance-based incentive," a panel of seven former captains, including Sunil Gavaskar, recommended on Friday.
The board convened a two-day meeting on Friday to look into the team's surprise first-round exit at the World Cup in the Caribbean. Their Australian coach Greg Chappell resigned on the back of the performance this week.
Since the team's return, local media have written about corporate interest influencing selection procedures for the World Cup.
India is considered the corporate nerve-centre of the game and endorsements by Indian players run into millions of rupees.
Leading batsman Sachin Tendulkar currently endorses 11 products.
"(BCCI should) limit the number of endorsements of a player," they also recommended, according to a statement issued by the board secretary, Niranjan Shah.
The subject of the new coach to succeed Chappell, who resigned on Wednesday, is to be discussed on Saturday.

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