Sunday, April 08, 2007

India need a 10-year plan, Chappell advises BCCI

Greg Chappell on Saturday blasted the unprofessional set up in the country, saying "if you want to be like Australia, you can't run your cricket like Zimbabwe."
Chappell said long-term planning was needed to take India to the next level in internationalcricket.
"The Indians must adopt a 10-year plan, spelling out the aims and objectives and go about attaining those goals in a professional manner," Chappell, 58, told the Times of India in an interview.
"Any half measures or cosmetic changes at this stage would be like putting Band-Aid on cancer. If you want to be like Australia, you can't run your cricket like Zimbabwe."
"I think we should have done much better in the West Indies with the squad we had. We batted poorly against Bangladesh, but we should have still squeezed out a win. History says India's record in defending low totals has been quite poor.
"We could have done with a few young legs, but I believe that we still had the ammunition to at least reach the semis."
"As a coach, it was easily one of the most challenging assignments one could ever hope to have,"he said. "I have loved every moment of it, planning, strategising, analysing...before every tour or series."I don't want to get into (the) senior-junior issueagain. Look, as a player, you have to keep challenging yourself. When thatstops, it's time to do a quick reality check and take a few hard decisions.
"Icame here to do a job that I have done to the best of my ability. I do not haveany vested interests in Indian cricket. I have briefed the Indian board aboutthe issues facing Indian cricket.
"One of them is youth development. It's up tothe officials to act in the best interests of the game in the country."
On Sourav Ganguly
"He has practised most of what I had preachedduring the time he was out of the side.
Sourav has shown plenty of determination in winning his place back. I hope he continues to work hard on his fitness and score heavily for the team."
Chappell said Sachin Tendulkar shouldcontinue to bat down the order despite scoring most of his world record 41centuries as an opener."Opening is an easier option in one-day cricket," he said.
"I felt that the team would benefit immensely if Sachin came in at number four, for he has the experience, technique and the talent to milk the bowling inthe middle overs."
Chappell reserved high praise for captain Rahul Dravid. He said had the"utmost respect for him both as a person and a player.
"It's not an easy task being the captain and also the side's best batsman but Rahul has managed thatbrilliantly. He deserves more credit and success."

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