Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When Tendulkar gives his heart and soul to Indian cricket!

By John Cheeran
In a face-saving exercise, Sachin Tendulkar has given an interview to The Times of India and tried to defend himself against coach Greg Chappell's so-called adverse remarks in the report, which is to be submitted to the Indian cricket board only on Friday.
Why is Tendulkar so alarmed about a report that is to be submitted to the BCCI only on Friday. Why is Tendulkar so eager to react to rumours?
If rumours are to be believed, it is not Greg Chappell alone who has criticised the seniors mafia.
Even selector-cum-manager Sanjay Jagdale's report contains strong remarks against them.
Tendulkar has told the Times of India that he has given his heart and soul to Indian cricket for 17 years.
What is Tendulkar talking about?
I should say Tendulkar is talking utter rubbish. Tendulkar has given neither his heart or soul to anyone, leave alone Indian cricket. Tendulkar should not obfuscate the issues out there. Yes, Tendulkar has scored plenty of runs for Indian cricket team in the past and he is not able to score now and he should leave the stage for others.
That's it.
Indian cricket and coach Greg Chappell needs runs from its batsmen. Wickets from bowlers.
Sporting career stops beating much before heart and soul stop ticking. That's the truth, Tendulkar.
The problem with Tendulkar is that from a young age -- from as a 12-13 year-old schoolboy cricketer he has been hailed a prodigy -- he has not been subjected to criticism. Tendulkar has faced up to some of the craftiest bowlers in international cricket but now he has to face up to the truth of the moment that his powers are waning.
Tendulkar says coach Chappell's criticism hurts him. That's the whole point of criticism, Tendulkar.
It is meant to hurt. It is meant to make you think and square up to the reality and not get lost in the past scoreboards.
Tendulkar says no past Indian team coach has found anything wrong with his attitude.
But times change, people change. It is quite one thing for worthies such as Madan Lal, Anshuman Gaekwad, Sandeep Patil and John Wright to be in awe of Tendulkar. But not Greg Chappell, who himself has been one of the classiest batsmen the cricket has produced in any era.
If Chappell finds Tendulkar's attitude not conducive for Team India's cause, he has been bold enough to report the matter to the BCCI. That's what a coach is supposed to do. That's why he has been paid by the BCCI.
And by the way, Mr Tendulkar, you have been given a filthy rich contract by the BCCI to score runs.
And not to return from the crease after failing to score even single against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the World Cup and tell journalists about giving his heart and soul to Indian cricket.
Cmon, grow up Tendulkar.
It is time for you to walk away from the crease.
And pray, you can keep your heart and soul with you. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

U R absolutely CORRECT


Anonymous said...

Very true...he is scared, insecure and STUPID to come up with heart and soul that chappell has left the post, lets see how many runs he will score in his next say 3 matches....good luck

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