Friday, April 06, 2007

Sachin Tendulkar's lamentations

MUMBAI, April 4:
Describing reports emanating from Greg Chappell's camp as"mere rumours", Sachin Tendulkar on Wednesday rejected suggestions that the Indian cricket team was divided and that seniors did not help youngsters.
Healso denied that he had "any rift with anybody" or anything against anyone, an apparent rebuttal of reports that he and Chappell did not get along well duringthe recent disastrous World Cup.
In an interview to a TV news channel, Tendulkar said the last ten days had been painful and hugely disappointing to the teambecause it feels that it had let down the nation, did not live upto itsexpectations and the players as well. Asked whether the team was really unitedin the West Indies, he said "the team was united. I would prefer that the teamstays united. These (reports that there were differences between seniors andjuniors) all rumours.
"The reality is otherwise. Youngsters are all part ofus. It is not like that (fighting). We are extremely close and we are likefriends, no matter what X, Y, Z may say".
Tendulkar said controversies are rakedup when the team does not do well and "all these things come up." Asked about media reports today quoting him about his unhappiness with Chappell, he said hehad not used language like "hit out" or "blast". "This has never been my language. It is not my nature to get into fight with anyone. If the coach hadsaid that, I am hurt." To a question, he said "I am not against anyone. I haveno rift with anybody. These are rumours".
About the reported conflict betweensenior and juniors, the batting great said "I do not think it is correct. Seniors always encourage juniors. We joke around, we always walk up to them ,tell them what they should do. If there is something wrong with me, you shouldalso tell me."
Asked about his feelings after the World Cup exit, Tendulkarsaid "I think the last ten days have been terrible. It was nation's dream to winand bring back the Cup.
The team worked hard for it. But it was shattered inseven days. It was one bad day against Bangladesh and again against Sri Lanka.
"it was hugely disappointing. We have disappointed nation's hopes and expectations and we have not been able to live upto its expectations. We will regroup and play and give happiness to the country".
Asked if it was the saddest day in his life, Tendulkar said "I am sure it was extremely sad because nobody in our wildest dreams thought that we could be back so early. And this is beyond imagination."
"We want to tell the fans that we are extremely sorry for having disappointed the entire nation and all the hopes were on us and we werenot able to live upto expectations", he said.
Asked what was his message to cricket fans, he said he would like to tell the nation that the team was together and would go out on the field as a team and not as an individual.
"All we need at this point of time is your support and your good wishes becauseit means so much to the players when you know that the entire nation is with you, behind you and wishing well for you."

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Anonymous said...

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Sachin has not been doing justice to his potential. Otherwise, how is it that one day he can bat to his best and the other day flops!!!

There is no point in dealing with arguments which would not have arisen in the first place if he had performed in the World Cup

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