Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sachin Tendulkar and the 'heat of the moment'

By John Cheeran
Guys, what's the heat of the moment?
I thought heat of the moment referred to something that's instinctive.
May be I'm wrong.
I feel so, especially after reading the news that Sachin Tendulkar has explained his tirade against former Indian coach Greg Chappell as that happened in the "heat of the moment."
India's most celebrated batsman is hiding behind semantics after the BCCI slapped a show-cause notice on him.
Tendulkar has written to the BCCI President Sharad Pawar that his interview to The Times of India was done in the heat of moment.
"It was done in the heat of moment and I wouldn't do it again," Tendulkar has written to Pawar.
May I ask Tendulkar what was the heat of the moment when he spoke to a seasoned cricket writer based in Nagpur?
There was no heat of the moment. Heat of the moment happens when two individuals come face to face and confornt each other. Here Tendulkar was not confronting Chappell. A reporter was sought out and his thoughts were passed on to public consumption.
Tendulkar's tirade was a classic case of manipulation against coach Chappell. It is interesting that he did not talk to any of the reporters either in Mumbai or Delhi.
And to consider that Tendulkar was reacting to rumours. What is the heat of the moment when one is reacting to rumours?
Tendulkar, of course, had an axe to grind when he spoke to the Times of India.
You cannot justify Tendulkar's action even as self-defence when Chappell's report did not question the player's attitude.
It is, however, certain that Tendulkar is facing the heat of the scoreboard.
God save his endorsements that his Ferrari keeps rattling the Mumbai's roads.

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UJWAL said...

Well, I guess the author of this article is not well informed and choose the comments he liked, as reported in some gossip column, as there was also other headlines making the news including the one which said, " sachin refuses yo apologize" which had comments like sachin said" i explained my situation I didnot apologize". Any way even the comments he made were "IF, Coach said our atitude was not right then it really hurts". He used the word "IF" several times as reported by the reporter who interviewed him. so whats this big deal, i guess we need to take a chill pill and not twist the statement.

John Cheeran at Blogged