Sunday, May 20, 2007

BJP's hypocrisy on Sachar Committee and reservations

By John Cheeran
Bharatiya Janata Party plans to protest against the implementation of Justice Sachar Committee report whereby, Muslims will be reserved job opportunities in public sector.
Muslims already enjoy reservation in education sector, as they are clubbed with the kingmakers of Indian society, the Other Backward Classes (OBCs).
BJP opposes reservation for Muslims since they argue it is on the basis of religion and any such move is against the letter and spirit of the Indian constitution. What Rajnath Singh and his acolytes say is true. Reservation for Muslims is basically because they are Muslims.
And Sonia Gandhi’s Congress wants to take them back to their tent with such a largess. But then what right BJP has to protest against Sachar Committee and the appeasement of Muslims? 80 per cent of Hindus enjoy reservation in public sector jobs and educational institutes.
Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are none but Hindus. And the constitution makes it clear that they will lose the reservation status if they convert into Christianity or Islam. That means the reservation for SCs and STs is a religious sop to keep them in the Hindu fold.
And what about OBCs? All of them are Hindus. In states such as Kerala, Muslims are clubbed with the OBCs. Again, basis for reservation is religion.
As a matter of fact, in Kerala, only Christians (except a small group of Latin Catholics who are mainly fisherfolks), Nairs and Nampoothiris constitute the upper class. All others, including the most thriving community Ezhavas, enjoy the privileges of being the Other Backward Classes.
And the only fair solution to the reservation trap is to abolish it. If the nation wants to go ahead it must promote meritocracy.
There should not be any birthrights, and political class, which is now dominated by the OBCs, should be able to look facts at their face.

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