Sunday, May 13, 2007

On getting roasted in Bangladesh..

By John Cheeran
Two consecutive wins over Bangladesh in Bangladesh will not wash away the sins of Indian cricketers. Still, in their exercise in self-preservation, Rahul Dravid and cohorts have done what was expected of them. But Dravid can hardly say that India dominated Bangladesh in these games.
India could not terrorize Bangladeshis, the way Clive Lloyd’s West Indies stripped and paraded Kapil Dev and company in the next five one-dayers held in India, immediately after the Lord’s ecstasy.
India lack the firepower to burn the enemy camp. India’s bowling resources are meager and will remain to be so for a long time to come. We neither have seamers nor spinners capable of troubling batsmen on decent batting tracks.
Is it paucity of resources alone that opens the doors of the team to bumble bees such as Dinesh Mongia?
It is a shame that Dravid had to resort to Mongia to complete the obligations of overs. And what has changed from the Caribbeans to Bangladesh?
Only the weather, and thank god that Bangladesh cannot afford floodlights so that India’s walking billboards are getting roasted out there in public view.

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