Friday, May 25, 2007

V S Achuthanandan: Kayamkulam Kochunni of our times!

By John Cheeran
One should always be aware of the dangers of romancing the poor.
Let me remind comrade V.S. Achuthanandan what Deng Xiaoping, the architect of Red Capitalism in China, said about the Communists’s dilemma.
Comrade Deng exhorted “To get rich is glorious,” while spearheading the development drive in China. Today, the Chinese people are enjoying the fruits of the daring philosophy of comrade Deng.
I don’t expect the narrow-minded, political stunt master from Mararikulam to be well read or well heeled. But the cronies who surround Kerala chief minister should tell him about Deng’s practical advise to Chinese comrades.
In a stunning statement, Achuthanandan has said on Thursday, May 24, that he will discriminate between the poor and the rich when dealing with land grabbing in Kerala.
Justice is blind. But here Achuthanandan is blind to realities. Why should anyone condone an illegal activity just because his income is less compared to others? A murderer does not cease to be a murderer just because he, what could be according to Achuthanandan’s dictionary, is poor.
Achuthanandan’s pro-poor stand is a classic instance of playing into the gallery, a pure political stunt. Such a move should be challenged in the highest courts of the country.
To argue that the poor grabs the land for survival and the rich grabs (in Munnar, I understand that the so called rich bought the land paying through the roof) the land for profiteering is simply spurious.
Let me tell VS and those bleeding hearts for poor that all those poor men and women are nothing but a bunch of people desperate to become rich.
And also, they say charity begins at home. Why don’t comrade VS consummate his love for the poor by giving his home to the homeless in Kerala?
In the history of Kerala, political masters, across the left and right chasms, have pleased their rank and file by giving them land title deeds. That was nothing but state-sponsored land-grabbing. Achuthanandan wants to continue with that policy.
If the poor encroaches on the reserve forest area, does not the environment get damaged?
Let’s keep in mind that, at the end of the day, both the poor and the rich need to shit.
Achuthanandan should remember that it is not Pinaryi Vijayan alone who shits.
Kerala’s ‘People’s Chief Minister’ shits in public in press conferences.
Achuthanandan should stop romancing the poor and ensure that he lives up to his constitutional obligations of providing justice to all, instead of aping Kayamkulam Kochunni.


Anonymous said...

Wow..wooooo..lot of fire......way to go behind him man..his close pals are all rowdies.....

Anonymous said...

when pinarayi vijayan talks about media syndicate, everyone rubbishes him. to know its spread, just compare how kerala media treated the fake experience certificate case of VS son for phd registration! very academic and legitimate reporting. everyone shied away from being an investigative reporter. we may here remember that VS son's first job was with East West Airlines which was run by notorious Thakhyuddin Wahid, who is no more!

Anonymous said...

Lot of fire, but I am afraid that it is of no use. Kerala is peopled by the semi-literate. Consequently, most of them like to pretend an understanding of issues. Real understanding of issues takes a lot of effort. So when somebody comes out with a "ready to eat" package like "Marxism", "Hindu Pride" etc. they swallow it whole. Our influential opinion makers are the so called budhi-jeevies. Their bread and butter comes from mouthing platitudes and cliches on behalf of their patrons. V.S.Achudanantan is, in fact a sheep, not shepherd - a follower, not a leader. The real weilders of power are hidden and behind the scenes.

John Cheeran at Blogged