Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why limit to JCBs? Bring on RDX to Munnar

By John Cheeran
A few minutes ago I was watching on the television, the Kerala government’s forces demolishing the resorts built on encroached land in Munnar.
Private resource owners with links to both the Left Democratic Front and the United Democratic Front had grabbed the land and built resorts to exploit the tourism market in Munnar and adjacent areas.
Though their enterpernurial spirit should be lauded, they made a mockery of justice and prevailing rules.
Reports say that owners have refused to bring down their constructions. So government forces have used JCBs to tear down the structures, to bring joy to those who believe in playing by the book.
Well..What amazes me that why the Kerala government is wasting their time and energy by using JCBs..
They should use the RDX stockpile the state police force have unearthed in the recent times and put it to a good cause.
Let’s be blunt and explosive to remind the land grabbers that this LDF government means business.

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Anonymous said...

Please do not give Greg Chappell undue credit. He was a poor coach unlike John Wright. Divided the team because o his stubborn ways. GC was a good batsman but a poor captain ( ask bobby simpson) and worse coach.

John Cheeran at Blogged