Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brothers in arms: Pathan Partnership

By John Cheeran
I'm not concerned by the fact that chief selector Dilip Vengsarkar again ignored the claims of Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly to play in international one-dayers.
Rahul and Sourav had their time under the sun and it is quite fitting others too given chances to pad up for India.
Yousuf Pathan's entry into Indian team proves that hard work pays off no matter whatever the hurdles in your way. When was the last time two brothers played together in an Indian cricket team? I can but only recall the Amarnath days -- when Surinder, Mohinder and Rajinder - played for India. And they had come from such roots so it was considered only inevitable.
Here from Gujarat has come this successful tale that should be closely read, read aloud and emulated by every Muslim family in India. Give your lads opportunities, back them up against all odds and you will have success one day. After all India is yours too.
It is quite easy to get in the mode of sulking and blaming others for all the ills that plague you. But these two brothers from Baroda -- sons of an ordinary muezzin-- have proved what a combination of ambition, hard work and talent would give you.
Yousuf has captured the imagination of cricket world by his raw courage and hard hitting in crunch situations when more illustrious names found it tough going in the Indian Premier League.
Instead of falling back on the dollies of the state, such as the Sachar Commission report, always rely on you.
World will be watching you.

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