Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happiness and keeping the score

By John Cheeran
May be, just may be, I’m one of the happiest persons on the earth.
Happy? Me? Someone who is battling a midlife crisis and walked out of office without another job in hand?
I’m happy to be alive when newspaper front page screams at me that death toll in Myanmar is climbing the 50,000 mark. I can see, I can feel. I can sleep at the end of the day despite carrying an empty wallet with me.
There are many who have been taken away from life much before me. So I’m happy to be alive and sit at my corner and watch the world rush by to grab its share of the spoils.
Has it affected anyone of us that more than 50,000 lives were wasted, though in a natural calamity?
Hardly. What matters to us are the T20 scores.
20:20, a world with perfect vision.

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