Thursday, May 01, 2008

What price for getting the headlines right: Journalism in Dubai

By John Cheeran
Do you want to work as a journalist in Dubai?
Do you want to work for the market leader in Dubai?
Please take a look at these clippings culled from Gulf News, Dubai.
The editor / journalist who has given this sport page headline can't even get a world famous name spelled correctly.
Full marks for meeting the deadlines!
Such talent is rewarded without fail in the organisation!
God save journalism and readers of this newspaper in Dubai.


Anonymous said...

way to go sir, i can't believe the mistakes the so called gulf's leading paper wonder all the failed journalists from different parts of the world..are in Gulf...

josh said...

Quite a fertile blog. Helpful to many, I'm sure. Nice to meet you, John Cheeran. Keep walking!

John Cheeran at Blogged