Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In which the owner takes it all!

By John Cheeran
Kolkata Knight Riders have a new promotional song and I think it promotes not the team, which has failed to make the semifinals of the IPL, but its marquee owner Shah Rukh Khan.
Setting aside my strong, coloured opinions on Sourav Ganguly as a cricketer and captain, I must say that Shah Rukh Khan has erred in ignoring his team’s captain and other members of Riders team while filming the song. You cannot have a cricket team without cricketers. There can be a movie without stars, though.
What is it that provokes an owner, that too a co-owner, to think that he is some sort of junta leader so that he can mistake himself for the team?
Is SRK, after all, really thinking that he is King Khan?
In that case Prince of Kolkata is right to correct the King.

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