Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Kapil predicts end of the road for the BCCI

By John Cheeran
Where is Kapil Dev?
The lone cricketer who can claim the tag of having been a cult figure in Indian cricket, is now sadly pushing his company's floodlights while the Indian cricket is flooded with the billion-watt shine of the Twenty20 Indian Premier League.
While I was wondering about the whereabouts of Kapil I spotted his statement in print much in the manner of historian Francis Fukuyama announcing the end of history at the end of cold war saying that the Board of Control for Cricket in India is finished.
All of us know that Kapil has his axe to grind with the BCCI and the fabulous reception for the IPL has taken the wind out of the sails of Indian Cricket League (ICL), the Twenty20 circus floated by the Zee Group and shepherded by our own Kapil.
End of the road for the BCCI, the world’s rickets cricket body?
Kapil must be an optimist at this stage since he can see the fall of his detractors when they are enjoying an unparalleled success as having executed a daring concept in a brilliant fashion.
Yes, of course, I can see Kapil’s point that the clubs will take over the game from the national board.
Look at football, Kapil, clubs and national bodies have carved out their own niches and Fifa manage to keep everyone on their toes.
So don’t lose sleep over the longevity of the BCCI.
In case it falls terminally ill, we will call you.
Meanwhile dig deep for some fresh ideas to infuse some life into the ICL.
In this one gamble of Twenty20, Kapil is far from having a perfect vision.
Switch on the floodlights inside your brain. Let there be light.

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