Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Euro 2008: Gulf News dethrones Italy as world champions

By John Cheeran
Welcome to Gulf News Spo(r)t the Mistake series again. Everyone is rocking on Euro 2008 and today’s edition of Gulf News (June 10) has dethroned Italy as world champions and anointed France as the new football champions!
Not because of Holland thrashed Italians 3-0, but Romania held France to a goalless draw.
The lead story in the front page of the sport section has a picture from the France- Romania group match. Please read the caption. It says the defending champions have an uphill task in Group of Death after a goalless draw.
Interesting, right? Since the caption says ‘after a goalless draw,’ Gulf News must be referring only to the France –Romania match. In fact this was the first goalless match of the Euro 2008. So when did the replay of World Cup football final happen? I thought Italy are the world champions of football. When Gulf News says ‘defending world champions’, are they referring to defending Euro champions Greece? No way. What’s Greece doing in the match between France and Romania?
So once again Gulf News has blundered by referring to France as ‘defending world champions.” I’m sure France coach Raymond Domenech must be happy to read Gulf News in Zurich today.
Yes, I will tell you how it happened. France and Italy have same colour of jerseys. Blue. So there are quite a few colour blind gentlemen out there who are confused to differentiate between shades of colour, and of course, meaning.

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