Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is Mohammed Asif grappling with mystical forces in Dubai?

By John Cheeran
Now where is Mohammed Asif, the Pakistan fast bowler, who was stumped at the Dubai International Airport for allegedly possessing some illegal substance?
I have been eagerly reading Gulf News for update on Asif, especially after the newspaper sentenced the rookie bowler to grapple with mystical forces for his ‘crime’.
But it is Indian newspapers and wire agencies who are ferreting out information on the bowler’s status.
Gulf News, being a Dubai newspaper, and if reporters and editors there have any remains of pride to call themselves journalists, should be bringing us news on Asif’s plight rather than indulging in pathetic commentary.
A gloating advertisement for the newspaper says its journalists are exploring every lead to bring you a top quality paper. They are committed every minute to quality, claims the ad.
If that be so these guys should be breaking news rather than living on wire services. And consider, this is happening right at their doorsteps.
The mere fact that Asif has been detained by Dubai authorities since June 1 and will go on trial only on June 22 speaks a lot about the case.
Have we heard about 'justice delayed is justice denied'?
This, really, is a classic opportunity for a local newspaper to dig deep and identify a deep throat, and break fresh ground on the subject instead of wallowing in lazy and unintelligible assertions.
Or is it that the Gulf News commentator, who had a revelation about ‘mystical forces’, is busy stripping the Pakistani bowler of his influence in detention?
Come on guys, live up to your masthead. Give us some news.
You can save the earth a little later.

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