Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Spin doctor blames IPL for Asif's plight

By John Cheeran
Last night I watched in amazement a panelist who popped up in Times Now, an Indian news channel, coming up with a doosra in the defence of Mohammad Asif, the Pakistan fast bowler getting stewed by the police in Dubai.
The panelist, who had recently castigated the Indian media over ‘its deathly silence’ on the cronyism and deleterious effects Indian Premier League will have on national team through injuries, was again blaming the IPL for Asif’s plight.
In an astounding PR exercise for Pakistan Cricket Board, he went on to say that Asif went to Dubai soon after the IPL party in Mumbai and he was saying that all sorts of party drugs were being used in such occasions (IPL party).
The panelist almost said that the substance that landed Asif in trouble in Dubai could have been put in the bowler’s wallet by none other than IPL’s Lalit Modi. This was spin at its best.
So fault lies not with Mohammad Asif but with Indian Premier League and the party culture spread by it!
There are no grand designs or hidden agenda in this episode.
Trying to take a different stand, some times can push people to such ludicrous corners.
Asif was stupid enough to flirt with drugs. It was still stupid of the bowler to pretend that ‘who put it there?’
And it is pathetic to find that there are panelists eager to act as the conscience of such blundering cricketers.
Such bleeding hearts!
May be he should apply for the post of advisor to Pakistan Cricket Board.
Keep yapping!

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