Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mohammad Asif: the suspense continues

By John Cheeran
The suspense over the substance grows in the desert. On Tuesday it was leaked to the media that Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif was detained at the Dubai International Airport for the last 36 overs. Another 24 hours have gone, but the verdict on the nature of substance found in Asif’s wallet, whether it is a sweetener or hashish or nandrolone, is not yet out.
The longer it takes, the clearer it becomes that Asif will be allowed to wriggle out of the rigors of the law.
Considering the clout the Pakistan government and General Pervez Musharaff enjoys in the UAE, it is quite likely that Asif will be pardoned sooner or later.
The delay is worth waiting for the Pakistan Cricket Board, as it is only part of paving the way for a pardon for errant, young, foolish fellow.

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