Sunday, June 01, 2008

Twists and turns of Twenty 20

By John Cheeran
It was feared that Twenty 20 was all about getting your call right on the given hour. Twenty20 is unpredictable in nature we believed. But in the end planning and consistency and hard work have triumphed over mere instinct.
Once you get a knockout punch, it is tough to be back on your feet, they say. At least that’s what fallen captain Yuvraj Singh said the other day.
But you can ignore basic skills such as clean hitting, daring on the field only at your peril. Ability to think on your feet is what needed for success in Twenty20.
Tonight we will find out who has that in abundance as Shane Warne and Mahendra Singh Dhoni lead their sides in the IPL final.
Now over to twists and turns. Over to Twenty 20!

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