Monday, June 25, 2007

Deshabhimani: CPI (M)'s consultancy front

By John Cheeran
It has become impossible to tell Indian Marxists apart from politicians of other parties.
Marxists are as corrupt, if not worse, as rest of the world.
The CPI (M) rank and file in Kerala is still reeling under the shock that the suspension of Venugopal, Deputy Manager of Deshabhimani, from the party for accepting bribe – Rs one crore.
Venugopal, closely related to the late CPI (M) stalwart A.K. Gopalan (AKG), had taken the bribe allegedly from the owner of LIS, an infamous moneylending group in Kerala.
It is important to note that CPI (M) has taken the corrective step by expelling the offender from the party. But that party that prides itself as standing for the common man has an obligation to tell its followers what happened to the Rs one crore.
Has the CPI (M) degenerated into a shadow of Sonia Congress?
Prakash Karat and Pinaryi Vijayan can argue that lobbying is a part of contemporary politics and party is entitled to consultancy fee for such deal making.Has the frolicking with parliamentary democracy has debased the rank and file of the CPI (M)?
May be those who raise such questions are nothing but fools. Should one measure Marxists by a morality that one cannot apply elsewhere?

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