Friday, June 29, 2007

Sivaji the boss: Nayanthara emerges as pan Indian eyecandy

By John Cheeran
Everyone is talking about Rajnikanth in the wake of Sivaji: the Boss.
I’m not qualified to discuss Rajni. Tamizhan loves his Black heroes – Kamalahasan and Karthick are exceptions – but he prefers to cavort with fair skinned girls in his fantasies.
Tamizhan’s colour complex never goes off. Even in Sivaji: the Boss, Rajni asks his mother why did she give birth to him as black. (En amma enne karuppa pette?)
For me what’s important is Rajni’s choice of women. Shreya Reddy has given a romp.
But the piece de resistance of the movie is the item number by Nayanthara, the one-time Malayalam actress. Nayanthara had a similar role in Rajni’s last movie Chandramukhi too.
For Malayalis it is a defining moment when one of their sisters wins accolades as a skin-show stealer.
Nayanthara has come a long way since her debut in Sathyan Anthikadu's Manasinakkare. And you will not recognise the Nayanthara in Raapakal, after watching her Sivaji role.
Gone are the days of coy roles. Look at Aishawrya Rai’s role in Dhoom. Look at Kangana Raut or Bipasha Basu. To be accepted as a fantasy woman is the highest honour an Indian girl can aspire for. With Sivaji getting screen space all over India, and globally wherever the diaspora is, Nayanthara is winning her place as the male eyecandy.
For a girl from Thiruvalla nothing seems impossible. What I admire in Nayanthara (christened as Diana) is her total lack of hypocrisy.
Shedding clothes is no moral choice. It is a question of attitude. Nayanthara has loads of it.
Much as Tinu Yohannan and S Sreesanth claimed their fair share of national consciousness by playing for Indian cricket team, Nayanthara is stoking the fires of passion on a pan-Indian scale.
Let’s us toast the Made-In-Thiruvalla Vamp. Let’s have an eyeful of Nayanthara.


Anonymous said...

Nayanthara was their because the stupid Tamizhan believes in the luck factor more than his own capabilities. She was Rajni's pair in his last blockbuster, and thus, every idiot in the film industry believed luck will be there. Else, there are tons of women in the industry with better looks. She was hardly there in the song! But still, luck factor. Just like Shankar's idiotic number 8 fetish.

On a different note, yah, Nayantara is goodlooking and a good actress in some films.


Summa Atharadhule ;-) said...

all said and done ... as mr.cheeran says, it was good eye-candy for half the testosterones and adrenalines (i mean the young and restless.. the elders will need substitutes).. also to follow up on her profile, see the movies she's done off late .. one side of the career dedicated to GOOD work (however ppl may call it) and the other SIMPLy for money .. and at the same time, SHARING screen space for a larger audience... beat that !!! :-) [words in good spirit, apologies if the sounded stronger (than anticipated)]

karthika said...

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aliens said...

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