Sunday, June 10, 2007

What next for desi cricket coaches?

By John Cheeran
What should our desi coaches do now?
Indian cricket board and Indian cricketers have ignored and insulted them by appointing a man who has never played Test cricket and one-day internationals as a coach.
And to make matters worse, Sharad Pawar has new fixer is from South Africa, the nation that perfected apartheid into an art form.
Desi coaches would do well to remind Pawar that Mahatma Gandhi was booted out of a train compartment in Graham Ford’s land.
Well, for Madan Lal, Mohinder Amarnath and Chetan Chauhan I have a suggestion.
Why do our desi coaches fail to get interview letters from other cricket nations or even provincial teams?
Yes, yes..Madan Lal coached the UAE and Sandeep Patil did stints with Kenya and Oman.
But there is hope for desi coaches after all.
Without wasting time, they should apply to Bangladesh Cricket Board and Pakistan Cricket Board since they are hunting for new coaches. They should act fast or else Sunil Gavaskar will recommend John Emburey’s application there as well.
Or else, they can march to Jantar Mantar and burn Ford’s effigies..Good luck.

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