Monday, June 18, 2007

Dravid takes anticipatory bail for England trip

By John Cheeran
There are different versions on Rahul Dravid’s take on the lack of a coach for England-bound India team. The fact that instead of Graham Ford, the BCCI has given Dravid 72-year-old Chandu Borde to help him run the side should have a bearing on the performance of the side. Or so goes the common man’s perception.
BBC Sport quotes the Indian skipper “"A coach or cricket manager can make a difference in the team's preparation. A captain cannot give individual personalised attention to all 15 of the team. Coaches do that. "
"It's about preparing a team before and after matches in terms of looking at the whole picture, giving an outside view and taking the pressure off you in off-field activities. "I am sure this is a short-term measure and I am sure they will find someone who will do the role."
Dravid is bloody keen to separate the coach’s role from that of players. Coach can help in preparing the side, but players themselves will have to do the job of scoring runs and getting wickets.
Deccan Herald reports that Dravid does not consider that absence of a full-time coach is not a Major drawback. That’s not the message the BBC Sport puts across.
Deccan Herald staff report went on to say that “Dravid dismissed that notion, saying he was excited about the challenge of leading the side on a tough tour.“The pressure never increases or decreases. As India’s captain, there is a certain amount of pressure and a certain amount of joy that comes with it. There is great excitement about doing what you can, and that is the way I will be approaching this series,” Dravid said in Bangalore.
“There is a need for someone who can take the pressure off the players outside of a cricket field. Once a game starts, it is the responsibility of the captain and the players to perform well. A coach or a cricket manager, whatever terminology you want to use, can make a difference in the preparation. I am sure this is a short-term measure and I am sure they will find someone who will do the role.“As captain, you cannot give individual attention to all 15 members. Coaches can do that, if it means spending extra hours in the net, throwing extra balls or putting extra balls in the bowling machine. That's where his role is, before and after a game,” he said.
All said and done, I want to ask Dravid this.
Does Dravid believe that a better-prepared side has more chances of defeating its enemies?
Is Indian team ‘fully’ prepared for the Ireland-England tour under Chandu Borde, who has not even met the players so far?
One thing is pretty clear.
The BCCI will not able to excoriate this side if they plumb new depths in Ireland and England. Dravid has taken anticipatory bail even before boarding the flight.

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