Saturday, June 16, 2007

Karat should sack Achuthanandan as chief minister

By John Cheeran
Communists in Kerala, as elsewhere, are a proud lot.
They do not react positively to unsolicited advice.
Even then I should advise CPI (M) secretary general Prakash Karat that he should sack his party's Chief Minister in Kerala, V.S. Achuthanandan.
Anger, and a sense of betrayal is growing in a Monsoon-drenched Kerala over Achuthanandan’s move to protect land grabbing by his own party CPI (M) and CPI. The credibility of the CPI (M) as a moral force has taken a terrible beating from which recovery is going to be a very long haul.
Achuthanandan’s mask as an honest leader has been ripped open by the circumstances.
It is easy to demolish someone else’s efforts; not so easy to bring down party owned resorts.
What has been projected as a big popularity drive by VS has bit back the Marxist leader.
Pinarayi Vijayan lacked patience and triggered public spat with VS on who should take the credit for Munnar demolition drive.
Now where is Pinarayi? Why he is not taking credit for what’s happening now, or to be specific, not happening, in Munnar?
Achuthanandan has tried to sell a lemon to common man by clubbing political parties and religious organizations together. Can comrade VS point out a single case of land grabbing by religious organization in Kerala?
Achuthanandan’s sidekicks are wearing dothis over their head these days. And they accuse Pinarayi of winding up CPI to move against VS and wreck the Munnarr drive.
Such excuses are silly.
Is Achuthanandan a puppet in the hands of Pinarayi?
It is time Achuthanandan came down from his moral high horse and quit the Chief Minister’s post.

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