Saturday, June 09, 2007

Will there be a fatwa against Joy Alukkas?

By John Cheeran
Marxists in Kerala say lighting of traditional lamps (nilavilakku) is a Hindu ritual and should not be used to inaugurate public functions, be it a jewellery shop or college union function.
I recall my student days when the Student Federation of India (SFI) used to fuss over the non-secular aspect of nilavilakku.
Obviously Muslim fundamentalists in Kerala, nurtured by petro dollar from the Middle East, championed such a stand taken by secular Marxists.
Now I’m amazed to see some pictures from Dubai. Picture shows Joy Alukkas’ latest jewellery showroom being inaugurated by Jassem Mohammad Ebrahim Al Hasawi, a prominent Muslim in Dubai society, by lighting the nilavilakku.
Ah, isn’t it sacrilege for a Muslim to perform a Hindu ritual?
Should Muslims buy jewellery from a shop that has been opened by performing a Hindu ritual?
I’m sure these questions should agitate the Kerala’s Muslim fundamentalists.
May be, a fatwa on the subject is coming our way.
Till such time secularists should put aside their gold hunt.

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Anonymous said...

dear friend, Jassem Mohammad Ebrahim Al Hasawi is a muslim leader agreed but in Dubai this "nilavilakku" is not a sign of Hindus... he thinking it is the way of inagurating in Kerala.
Do you think he knows it's a religious thing.... ofcourse no.
don't make foolish discussions without sence....

John Cheeran at Blogged