Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Uneasy lies the head that wears helmet

By John Cheeran
It is in Malayali’s blood to oppose everything.
From IMF to Globalization to helmets to girls and young women wearing figure-hugging clothes, Malayalis refuse to change their ways of looking at things
The opposition to wearing helmets is one such meaningless rage.
Helmets are a way of live in India’s main cities such as Delhi and Chennai. High Court has directed the LDF government to ensure that bike riders wear helmets and lead to better safety on the roads.
The gainer in this, obviously, is the one who wears the helmet. In the event of an accident, helmet will minimize the injuries to head. You tend to live longer with a bit of caution. In Delhi we used to keep an extra helmet with us so that even the pillion rider gets a safety ride. Now in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram Malayalis display senseless machismo by not wearing helmets.
What’s government’s business in this, asks enraged Malayalis.
After all, it’s our lives that are in danger, not LDF government’s.
Yes, I agree there. But then the same Macho Malayalis are scared in the face of chikungunya and are running with real and imagined fevers to the nearest public health centers. Why should government bother if a fever rages in the land? After all taking care of one’s health is an individual’s responsibility, isn’t it?
It is foolish to see conspiracies where none exist. Helmets are designed to protect you. And it is not fever that kills people in Kerala.
It is the filthy attitude that prevents Malayalis from cleaning up one’s own backyard and silly revolutionary urge to break rules and in the process own head, by not wearing helmets.

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