Thursday, November 23, 2006

91 all out in Durban: Parliament debates

By John Cheeran
91 all out has even found resonance in Indian Parliament.
A few of the Members of Parliament have asked the Board of Control for Cricket in India to sack coach Greg Chapell as a solution to India’s continuing losses.
It cannot be glossed over that Indian politicians’ reactions stem from the fact that by attacking the BCCI, MPs can target Union Minister for Agriculture Sharad Pawar who heads the Indian cricket body. I can see less of cricket and more of politics in our MPs's pyaar for cricket.
MP Ramdas Atavale wants Chappell removed. He also wants to sack the non-performing players. Rajeev Shukla, an MP and a vice president of the BCCI, has said that team’s Durban display was a disappointment. But he wants the tour to finish before corrective steps are taken.
That perennial sportician Suresh Kalmadi has offered some solace to Indian skipper Rahul Dravid when he said that one has to remember the dictum that ‘you win some, you lose some’. Politicians have a right to discuss cricket; but they should do well not to pile on the pressure on the already distressed cricketers, playing away from home.
Yes, it is good that cricketers should know that whatever they do on the field has a larger impact, beyond the boundaries of playing field.
When you are given the license to play for India, the nation, it is better to live up to the challenge.
Yes, you are our brothers-in-arms but you better look the enemy in the eye.
Also it is important for politicians to be aware of the nature of sport. There are no peace treaties in global sport, no consensus. Even Atavales have lost electoral battles and bounced back to win people’s confidence.
If only India could win on sentiments alone.

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Anonymous said...

Indian board should give chappell more time to se things right.

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