Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chappell's SMS bouncer hits Vengsarkar and seniors

Editor's note: Here is a brilliant forward defensive shot played by the Indian team coach Greg Chappell.
New Delhi:The fact that Team India Coach Greg Chappell was unhappy with the way some senior players went against the selection of youngsters for the World Cup has been disclosed by a veteran cricket journalist.
In an SMS sent to Rajan Bala on Feb 17, Chappell reportedly said that Selection Committee Chairman Dilip Vengsarkar had concurred with the seniors, TV news channel Times Now reported. The channel showed the journalist reading the text message from his mobile phone.
"The senior players fought against it and the chairman went with them out of fear of media, if youth did not perform," Chappell had reportedly said in his SMS to Bala.
In the same message, the Australian pointed out that wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Kaarthick had leadership material.
"Kaarthick will be a very good batsman and by the way, he is a potential leader. You are also very right about Yuvi," Chappell said, referring to an article written by Bala.
In that article Bala was not very complimentary about Yuvraj Singh.
The journalist had written: "He (Yuvraj) might or might not develop to be the country's best future batsman, but let it be known that the possibility of his not being fully fit during the World Cup cannot be discounted. It is a risk that is being taken. The problem with Yuvraj is that he believes he is a star when he is only a rising one."
Chappell had also informed the writer: "(Batsman) Suresh Raina is a must. But he was not wanted."

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